Euthanasia Information

Euthanasia is a sad but necessary part of pet ownership. When the time comes, Caring Vets are able to assist you and your beloved pet through the process.

How is it done?
The animal receives an intravenous injection of an overdose of an anaesthetic agent. The animal becomes unconscious quickly, then passes away within a short time.

Where is it done?
You can bring your pet to the clinic, or a vet can come out to your house.

Do I have to be there?
You have the option of being with your pet during the procedure, or leaving your pet with us.

What happens to the body afterwards?
There are 3 options available:
– General cremation through Pets at Peace: With this option you do not get the ashes back. We will take care of the body until Pets at Peace collects it.
– Private cremation through Pets at Peace: Your pet is individually cremated and the ashes are returned to you in your choice of vesicle (scattertube, urn, jarrah box or photo box). See the Pets at Peace website for photos and further details.
– You may elect to take your pet home with you afterwards to arrange your own aftercare.